Middle & High School Practice begins July 2021. Visit

The trail is NOT open to the public. Local middle & high school mountain bike teams and coaches only. Season runs from July - November.

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Trail Openings every Saturday in May 2021 - Details soon!

June 5th is the Fox RaceFace 3&6 Hour Mountain Bike Race



The Fox Raceface XC trail was built by Prima Tappa Athletic Club specifically for use by teams under its direction who compete in the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League. At times it is also used for fundraising and it is  during those events the trail will be open to the public for a donation or race registration fee. These events will be posted here so check back often. Otherwise, this is a private cycling trail and is not open to the public. Trespassers will be prosecuted. For questions please contact Prima Tappa Athletic Club, Inc. 678-414-2030.

Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League practices begin July thru November, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6pm, Sundays 2:30pm. To join a Middle or High School mountain bike team visit Only student athletes and coaches allowed on the trail during practices. Violators will be prosecuted.


Road Atlanta and NASCAR take risk management very seriously and have already made examples of several people. Don’t be the next one.


Now for the exciting details!


Fox Raceface XC Trail MAP 1


Fox Performance Trail

Built by students and coaches from local NICA teams and master trail builder Ethan Quell of All Out Trail Designs this course is fast and fun. Only 265 feet of elevation this trail was built to NICA standards so even a 6th grader could race it. And they did for the first time in 2017 in the Leagues RACE#1. The trail features a mix of single track and machine built flow that riders describe as “butter”. If you get to ride this trail be on the lookout for a section called “the Bowl”. The kids favorite part of the course has the riders drop down into the bowl and shoot around the outside edge of it before rocketing out to continue their ride.


Raceface Turbine Trail

Built by All Out Trail Designs and funded by an anonymous donor, this course is meant to be a progression from the original trail. Its built more like traditional area trails where the roots haven’t been cut out and the natural landscape with all its curves and edges are kept in. The trail has one tough climb immediately after the fun of Brooks Portal, a machine built downhill section that can be taken fast (stay left) or fun (slow down and stay right). The trail is not technical, just tougher than Performance.


Fox Factory Trail

We turned Ethan loose on this one. In keeping with our progressive system we took the difficult terrain in this section and created a monster. The Factory trail begins with a climb. Not a steep climb, but if you’re racing it will hurt. The payoff is some of the sweetest downhill flow in North Georgia. You can really catch some air if your ability can handle it. After that it’s a hodge-podge of XC variables that may make you happy… or sad depending on how in shape you are. Caution- this trail is not for the weak.


Put them all together and the Fox Raceface Trail at Road Atlanta is 8 miles of challenging fun!

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